IKEA’s new collection is really, really cool with products made from recycled materials

Want your home to look like you live in a grunge Shoreditch style bunker? IKEA’s got your back.

Their new PS 2017 range is totally different to what they’ve released before, and could have brands like trembling in their boots.

There’s a three-piece self-watering plant-pot set, a folding sofa that can hang on the wall, and a no-assembly storage unit to make moving around easier.

The Swedish furniture giant has collaborated with 21 designers to create the new range of 60 products.

“Whether it’s living in a smaller space or moving to new spaces frequently, for these fiercely independent individuals, it’s not about having more — it’s about choosing things to help you make the most out of life,” says Janice Simonsen, Ikea design spokesperson.

Here’s a few of our favourites from the PS range…

Table Lamps

You can create a ambiance of cosy light by pointing the lamp against a wall, painting or something you care for a lot.

These modern looking pieces are affordably priced, and come in two difference sizes.

Buy online on IKEA’s website for £45

Corner easy chair with 18 cushions

This chair will make you the envy of the whole neighbourhood, mostly because they’ll think you’re harbouring an alien.

You can mount the armrest on the right or left side, and it comes in blue and white, or white all over.

Buy online on IKEA’s website for £166

Storage Unit

One of IKEA’s new units which doesn’t need tools or screws to assemble.

Bringing that industrial look, it’s perfect for displaying products, or adding boxes to store clothes.

Buy online at IKEA’s website for £55


These gorgeous glass vases are made from offcuts and pieces of glass which were rejected because they had bubbles in, or did not fit the standard for other products.

They’re made from leftover glass pieces of different colours, making the colour and pattern of each vase unique.

Buy online at IKEA’s website for £15

LED multi-use lighting

Another item from IKEA’s range which looks straight out of a much more expensive high street outlet.

Their LED light can be charged via USB or in a standard power socket.

Buy online at IKEA’s website for £19

You can see all of IKEA’s new PS 2017 range on their website here, with stores nationwide.

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