In photos: Meatopia brings smokey meat, fire and fish to London’s Tobacco Dock

Now in it’s fifth year, Meatopia is a dream-like festival for anyone who loves meat.

With the iconic setting of London’s Tobacco Docks, the whole venue is transformed with metal scaffolding-clad setups, homemade smokers and a whole lot of barbecue.

We decided to take a visit to the 3 day pop up which bills itself as a festival of “high quality, ethically sourced meat, all cooked over ethically sourced wood and charcoal by some of the world’s leading top chefs.” With our trusty camera by our side we snapped some of our favourite moments.

Take a look below…

Brought to the UK by chef Richard H Turner, Meatopia brings the best of UK cooking alongside craft beers and ales, and some live performances together for an epic meal!

While it may seem obvious, it’s hard to imagine the smell as you enter the venue, with smoked meat rushing through the air and straight into your lungs. It feels like you’ve left oxygen behind and it’s been replaced with juicy, lovingly prepared meat.

This isn’t a kids game either, with the big boys of the food world all hoping to impress with specials throughout the weekend with the top chefs from Hawksmoor, Ash, Lobos, Camino, Rhoda and many more taking part.

Once you’ve purchased a ticket you convert your cash into Meatbucks, which are as exciting as they sound.

Coming as little golden coins – it’s like being in a old style cowboy film, exchanging your bucks for meat. What could be better?

Each Meatbuck works out at about £5.50, so dishes are smaller than what you’d expect from a sit down meal, but… it does mean you can fit many more different dishes into your day-long meat feast.

And boy, it’s worth it. Queues for Hawksmoor throughout the day went around the venue with their tomahawk steak special with hollandaise sauce and a crispy flat bread.

New for 2017, there was also fish at Meatopia with legendary chef Nathan Outlaw bringing his grilled mackerel to the festival.

Nathan is somewhat of a celebrity down at the Docks, with a number of fans getting photos with him, inbetween serving his grilled treat.

Other favourites were Ash Heeger with her treacle glazed short rib, at ASH the chef specialises in charcoal cooking with all elements of each dish cooked over flame using ethically sourced, free range and seasonal meat and produce.

Ash made the cooking look effortless, sliding the bone out of the rids, and quickly slicing up for hungry customers.

As well as meat, there’s Craftopia which brings artisan ales, fine wines and delicious spirits to complement the food with liquid demos on the hour with London favourites Beavertown, Hackney Brewery and many more propping up for thirsty Londoners.

Meatopia is a day full of foodie chat, with the chefs incredibly proud of their creations – with many creating the apparatus that cooks their beasts on offer. From smoked apples to drunk chickens, it’s a meat lovers paradise with so much to enjoy.

If you don’t go home with your clothes solely smelling of smokes goodness, you’ve clearly done something wrong.

Meatopia will return to the Tobacco Docks in 2018, so keep an eye on their official website for ticket details.

You bring the rum, I'll bring the raspberries. Perfect daiquiris all round.