This £99 ice-cream from Selfriges is INSANE

Taking the “99′ to a whole new level.

It doesn’t get much more luxurious than this frozen treat. Snowflake Gelato can be found in Selfridges’ famous Food Hall, and they are now exclusively offering the chance to seriously indulge. For the small price of £99 you can get your mouth around ‘The Billionaire’. It might be the most expensive ice-cream in London.

This insane cone is made with Persian blue salted caramel gelato, a hand prepared cone dipped in rare 75% criollo cocoa single planation Madagascan dark chocolate, gelato spheres of mango, ginger and passion fruit, caramelised pecans, a Belgian white chocolate truffle filled with salted caramel sauce, a raspberry sorbetto macaroon decorated with white chocolate glaze and edible diamonds. It’s coated in 24 carat gold leaf, served with a gold flake…

If you don’t have £99 to spare there’s some choc-ices in the freezer.

Find Snowflake Gelato in Selfridges Food Hall, 400 Oxford St, near Bond Street station, W1A 1AB and on Instagram here.

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