ASK Italian is the first restaurant chain to introduce Purple Basil Pesto dishes to the UK

Hey Pesto! Meet the new herb trending this autumn..

ASK Italian has launched their Autumn menu across all spots this week, which includes an eye-catching new food trend.

As the first UK restaurant chain to offer Purple Basil Pesto, ASK Italian has brought two new additions to their menu adorned with the autumnal colour; Garlic Bread Speciale with Purple Basil Pesto and Purple Basil Pesto Genovese fresh pasta.

If you haven’t tried it, Purple Basil Pesto has a punchier flavour and a more striking look compared to its green counterpart.

Working closely with a small, family-run farm in the Verona countryside, the restaurant chain is producing over 3 tonnes of Purple Basil Pesto to incorporate into their new Autumn menu.

Customers who order one of the Purple Basil Pesto dishes to eat-in will also receive a complimentary packet of Grow-Your-Own Purple Basil Seeds to take home.

Head of Food at ASK Italian, Jeena Rodrigues, says: “We’re always looking for ways to elevate our most loved dishes, and Purple Basil Pesto is the perfect combination of classic Italian flavours and Instagram-worthy presentation.

Working with the farmers in Verona, we’re able to give the beautiful herb the close care and attention that it requires for high qualityproduction.”

The Autumn menu is available in all sites across the UK now, and alongside the new Purple Basil Pesto dishes.

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