ASK Italian is celebrating International Women’s Day with free Prosecco!

ASK Italian is celebrating International Women’s Day!

Known as “La Festa della Donna” in Italy, ASK is giving away a free glass of Prosecco and Mimosa flowers on Thursday 8th March to encourage women to come together and raise a glass to their accomplishments.

The first 500 women across the UK to dine in, will receive a glass of Italian bubbly and a beautiful Mimosa flower pin, which is the flower of choice given out on “La Festa della Donna” in Italy to women to show signs of love and respect.

ASK Italian will be giving out and decorating their restaurants with the beautiful yellow Mimosa flower.

The flowers bloom at the beginning of March and are traditionally gifted to women in Italy on this date as a sign of love and appreciation from men and solidarity from fellow females.

And it’s not just for one day either, ASK Italian will be offering another chance to receive a free glass of Prosecco to their female diners throughout the week.

From Monday 5th – Friday 9th March those who share an image of ASK Italian’s Mimosa bouquets in the restaurant on social with hashtag #ASKcelebrates will get a complimentary glass of bubbly! Yay.

Find your local ASK Italian on their website here.

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