Build-your-own burger at MeatUp with colourful buns, rare patties and Christmas themed toppings

Just in time for Christmas you can build your own burger, festive style!

Wandsworth’s popular BBQ restaurant MeatUp has announced the launch of its new pop up Burger Kitchen in Chelsea.

Open from 4th December – 22nd December, the restaurant has colourful buns, patties cooked as you like and selection of over 20 exciting toppings, as well as its indulgent Christmas Burger.

With patties made from a secret blend of short-rib, brisket, sirloin, ribeye, chuck and bone marrow, the Build Your Own Burger pop up will allow you to order your burgers cooked to preference, as all the meat is butchered, minced by hand and pressed in a strict process allowing them to serve their burgers rare – something very few restaurants can offer.

Customers can then choose to encase their patty between a normal milk bun, an inky black charcoal bun or a festive red beetroot option that’s sure to make your Instagram pop.

Toppings range from indulgent mac & cheese, short rib, triple cheese, seared foie gras and bacon to more off-the-wall options such as chow mein, chicken tikka and naan, waffles, lime & chilli prawns and even Kinder Egg.

Paired with bespoke matching drinks, the midnight-hued bun comes with the Charcoal Cobbler made with charcoal-infused rum, vanilla, orange and lime and served with flowers.

Also launching on the menu is the Christmas Burger, which includes a patty topped with roast turkey, bacon, pigs in blankets, stuffing, sliced brussels sprouts and brie, before being slathered in tangy cranberry sauce. The Christmas masterpiece is then encased in festive red bun and held together with a candy cane, before being served with a side of gravy for the ultimate dip.

Prices start at £16 for a starter of shortrib, smoked cheddar & chilli maple BBQ quesadilla, followedby a bun of choice and three toppings plus fries and slaw. Additional toppings and cocktails, wines, beers and spirits can also be added to your order to pimp your patty even further.

MeatUp’s Burger Kitchen, 351 Fulham Rd, Chelsea, London,SW10 9TW

You bring the rum, I'll bring the raspberries. Perfect daiquiris all round.