Camden Town Brewery have launched a pub for hedgehogs!

Camden Town Brewery have launched The Hibernation Arms in partnership with the British Hedgehog Preservation Society (BHPS).

This might look like your local, but The Hibernation Arms is a hideaway for hedgehogs that need a place to sleep in winter and birth hoglets in the summer.

The launch of The Hibernation Arms aligns with Camden’s latest Seasonal Hells lager, Hells in Hibernation, and a portion of sales will go straight to the BHPS. A limited run of hedgehog hideaways will also be available on the Camden web shop, with 100% of proceeds going towards helping and protecting hogs.

Hibernation isn’t easy for British wildlife these days. The change in their environment has seen animals such as hedgehogs arrive much later in the year, meaning they’re not able to eat enough to sleep through the cold winter months.

And in urban areas, loss of habitat, dangerous roads and pesticide have all limited hedgehogs’ ability to find a safe space to hibernate in winter.

Camden Town Brewery are donating a portion of every can of Hells in Hibernation Lager sold towards helping hedgehogs hibernate this winter.

Hells in Hibernation is the third release from their limited-edition Seasonal Hells range, following Harvest Hells (Autumn) and Strawberry Hells Forever (Summer).

Hells in Hibernation is now available from Sainsbury’s and M&S stores. You can buy a hedgehog home from Camden’s online shop and place it in your garden (tucked away).

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