Cocktails in the City is back in London with 25 bars under one roof!

Cocktails in the City is returning this week to help Londoners get more booze in one spot!

The festival opens at One Marylebone on April 5 and offers three days of the easiest bar you can imagine with everyone under one roof. Ideal!

Some of London’s finest bars will be showcasing their most creative serves at individual stalls. Bars involved include The Gibson, who will serve up their signature gin martini, Mr Fogg’s serving their Duchess of Bedford and Ella Canta, who will be offering an Ala Negra infused with South American flavours.

London Cocktail Club will be serving a Fruit Loop finished Knickerbocker Glory, and Little Nan’s will be putting together a Deptford Frozen Macarena Fizz, complete with Love Hearts, lollipops and flamingo stirrers.

Londoners can also get a taste of the global bar scene at the International Bar, which will be hosting the Atrium bar from Florence and House bar from Amsterdam.

You can also try making your own with their Be Your Own Bartender events, which are running themed classes teaching you the ropes of pouring that perfect glass!

Cocktails in the City runs from April 5-7 at One Marylebone. Entry costs £20 and includes a cocktail.

You bring the rum, I'll bring the raspberries. Perfect daiquiris all round.