Bingo is back with added hot dogs and booze for a huge night out in Camden

Popdogs are popping-up in Camden’s new Social Bingo Academy!

The hotdog experts are going to be keeping bingo dabbers fuelled as up to  750 bingo lovers take on one of our favourite games.

Recently Popdogs popped up at Winterville with their Bad Santa hot dog, made with spiced lamb and cranberry chutney, so expect some fantastic limited edition specials.

Though, in the meantime you can expect some of their classic offerings to make the menu including Clinton’s Lovechild an oak-smoked sausage infused with chorizo, with nutmeg, paprika and black pepper.

Plus the Dirty Dog, beef sausage, garlic and chilli and the Hairy Angel, a Caerphilly and leek sausage, parsley and chilli jam.

There will also be the ‘Camel Toe’ – lamb merguez sausage, cumin and fennel.

The Bingo Academy has been brought about to be a less “intimidating place” to learn the game.


Get your tickets on their website here, with early bird from £5.

The Bingo Academy with Popdogs will take place 27 January and 24 February on Inverness Street, Camden.

You bring the rum, I'll bring the raspberries. Perfect daiquiris all round.