Embrace Spring showers with Knight’s Bar at Simpson’s in the Strand new cocktail

Spring has arrived bringing with it the April showers!

Knight’s Bar at Simpson’s in the Strand is the perfect spot to shelter from a sudden downpour and bartender Josh Da Costa has created an imaginative cocktail to encapsulate the moment of being caught in a Spring shower.

The ‘Forgotten Your Brolly’ cocktail is a comforting blend of D1 gin, coffee tincture, cacao liquor and chocolate bitters and is inspired by the British inclination to talk about the weather, all for £13.50.

Da Costa infuses Union Bobolink dry-roasted coffee beans in Aperol and blends them with the other ingredients over ice. Chocolate bitters are then added to create a spiced tincture.

The nutty, cherry and chocolate notes from the coffee beans combine with the bitter citrus notes from the Aperol to create a bright orange coloured drink, reminiscent of much missed sunshine. As a souvenir, a small umbrella is attached for those who frequently forget their brolly!

The Art Deco Knight’s Bar at landmark London restaurant Simpson’s in the Strand has recently launched a new cocktail menu that celebrates the quirks and characters of British culture.

There’s the ‘Boozy Bill Of Fare’, specialises in quintessentially British cocktails which take inspiration from Simpson’s eminent patrons and forgotten heroes.

Visit Simpson’s in the Strand, 100 Strand, London WC2R 0EW

You bring the rum, I'll bring the raspberries. Perfect daiquiris all round.