Fancy trying this gin martini with a pickled onion included?

Why not try these twist on a gin martini?

The Gibson Martini is a combination of gin, dry vermouth and a baby onion, which is apparently a forgotten classic that originated over 100 years ago.

Available at Clerkenwell cocktail bar The Gibson, and if ordered on Tuesday November 20 it’ll only cost just one English pound!

It’s all to celebrate The Gibson’s third birthday, as well as marking the inaugural World Gibson Martini Day, an annual celebration of the martini twist that the bar and Copperhead Gin have decided to establish together.

The Gibson will be selling 1,000 glasses of these £1 martinis on Tuesday with sales are being donated to gender equality charity The Fawcett Society.

The Gibson will be celebrating World Gibson Martini Day on Tuesday November 20, from 5pm until late. 

You bring the rum, I'll bring the raspberries. Perfect daiquiris all round.