Greggs has just launched its own diet plan where you can eat sausage rolls and still lose weight

Pasty based bakery Greggs is going to help you get into shape!

No, you read correctly, the chain is hoping to help Brits shift the pounds offering an interesting new take on the diet.

The eating plan’s been devised following a month-long experiment on four dieters who together lost over two stone and 14 inches from their waists in just 30 days. All from eating Greggs.

But, before you bulk order 30 steak bakes… it does include items from their new Balances Choice menu…

Greggs commissioned an independent dietitian Laura Clark to devise the 30-day plan using foods exclusively from Greggs’ menu, and of course a healthy amount of exercise.

The participants came from all walks of life – Bride-to-be Michelle wanted to feel good for her wedding day in August, Busy teacher Priscilla was looking to drop a dress size, Traveling Consultant Jon wanted to ditch the fast food and New Mum Hannah was looking for a healthy boost.

The Minimise Me Plan includes food from their new Balanced Choice menu, which provides snacks all under 400 calories, plus the odd sausage roll, pizza slice and almond bake.

‘I put on a lot of weight during my pregnancy and have struggled to lose it since my son was born,’ said Hannah.

‘Like any new mum, I’m always rushing around so have found it difficult to find the time to diet. The Greggs Minimise Me plan was so simple to follow and incredibly convenient, making it easy to stay on track.

I’m thrilled to have lost over a stone and have made positive adjustments to my lifestyle, being more active which has resulted in more energy – I’ll definitely continue with a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.’

Well, we’ll have to try it for ourselves and see…

Greggs are open across London. Find your local on their website here.

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