Have a real Italian-style pizza for lunch with Franco Manca

If you don’t love pizza stop reading now.

Pizza is a way of life for us Brits. Whether it’s the American thick base, or new experimental styles such as hot dog crust or cheeseburger edges, we all love to indulge in the cheesy, tomatoey and all over indulgent feast.

Franco Manca is a chain you may have seen pop up across the country quite recently, however they want to change the game with a focus on their authentic Italian quality and the big difference… a sourdough base.

Franco's pizza process

Franco’s pizza process

Franco arrived in London hoping to showcase what Italian pizza really means. The pizza base is sourdough which is rested for over 20 hours, while the toppings are carefully sourced: tomatoes from Salerno, cured meats from Brindisa, Gloucester Old Spot pork.

Even the coffee, from the Monmouth Street Coffee Company, is a blend of three coffees commissioned especially for Franco Manca whilst the lemonade is produced from Amalfi lemons.

Visit a Franco Manca store across the UK

Visit a Franco Manca store across the UK

According to their site, the sourdough is baked in a wood burning ‘Tufae’ brick oven made on site by specialised artisans from Naples. This oven produces a heat of about 500c (930f).

Because of the intense heat, the slow levitation and blast-cooking process lock in the flour’s natural aroma and moisture giving a soft, easily digestible crust.

Franco also offers a great order and collection service in many stores, meaning you can take out the pizza and work up an appetite on the walk to collect it.

Credit: aguynamedpatrick (Instagram)

Credit: aguynamedpatrick (Instagram)

The difference with sourdough is the thin-ness, and the fillingness. Often when you get an American styled dough stacked pizza you’ll find yourself reaching for air, or a big jug of water, just to get through it.

With Franco Manca, there’s a real focus on a thin base, with quality ingredients.

Looking for something different to try? Consider giving Franco Manca a go. Once you try it, it’s hard to imagine what pizza was like before…

You bring the rum, I'll bring the raspberries. Perfect daiquiris all round.