Here’s why you should try Marks and Spencer’s Posh Dogs

Have you tried M&S’s gourmet hot dogs yet? Why not…

The retailer rolled out their gourmet range last year, and it’s grown with more and more products added, from pickles and chutneys to brioche buns and juicy burgers.

Marks and Spencer are known for the excellent quality food, but can they really pull off a cinema favourite?

Their sausages say they are best cooked on the barbecue, however oven cooked or in a pan they’re just as good!

They take a while to cook and if you like crispy edges you’ll want to set your oven timer for at least 35-40 minutes.

The quality of the sausages is second to none with a 85% pork content they’re full of the good stuff, and it allows them to stand apart from cheaper competitors.

However, what it does have is that unmistakable Hot Dog taste familiarly found in the cheap options… plus so much more. Serving in M&S’s brioche buns the hot dogs just say… HEAVEN!

Finnebrogue, who supply M&S with the meat, said “The posh dogs have taken the barbecue market by storm and outsold all our other sausages put together,”

“It’s a Marks and Spencer take on the hot dog made from smoked pork, but you cook it like an upmarket sausage.”

Hot dogs sound like a really ‘easy’ dinner, but mixing in Marks and Spencer’s quality, and range of side relishes and slaws, you can make a real big deal of it! There’s 25 different products to choose from, so forget a four course meal… Go posh with the dogs.

The Marks and Spencer Posh Dogs are priced at £8 for 6 in a pack. Visit your local store to try them.

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