New Soho pizzeria Firezza is offering half-metre pizzas from April

Dean Street is about to get a whole lot more… pizza!

Firezza, which began life as a delivery company, is opening its first sit-down restaurant in April and is promising some pretty lengthy pizza slides.

The brand will plate up Neapolitan-style pizza however the hand-stretched dough will come in squares with a choice of a quarter or half a metre long size.

If you’re brave enough to order two quarter-long pizzas, you’ll a full 50cm of pizza with toppings split down the middle, all served on longboards to encourage sharing… though it’s not necessary.

Their pizza is hand-stretched and fire-baked at 430 degrees. According to their website, it’s the perfect temperature for their dough to crisp and the mozzarella to melt making a perfect slice.

Firezza was previously named ‘London’s best pizza delivery’ service in 2010 by PAPA, the pizza, pasta and Italian food association.

Firezza will offer ‘Proper Pizza’ from £6, Craft Beer from £3 and Fairtrade Coffee for £1.50. Visit for more.

You bring the rum, I'll bring the raspberries. Perfect daiquiris all round.