New study reveals Londoners drank the most alcohol during lockdown

Lockdown may have put a stop to many things, but not us Londoners drinking!

A new study reveals cities’ post-COVID drinking habits, highlighting a new tribe of balanced drinkers coined as ABVarious, and that London kept the drinks pouring.

As Brits move towards a ‘flexitarian’ approach to drinking, the new research from alcohol-free beer brand Freestar has revealed that following ‘lockdown lock-in’ over a quarter of the UK want to drink less, with 2 in 5 Brits identifying as ABVarious – with a flexible appetite for consuming both alcohol and alcohol-free drinks.

The news comes following the COVID-19 ‘lockdown lock-in’, where almost 1 in 3 Brits were drinking alcohol between four and seven days a week.

As we ease out of lockdown, over a quarter (26%) of the UK want to drink less, with 37% of Millennials actively wanting to reduce their alcohol intake following the pandemic. Moreover, London came out top for the city that drank the most alcohol in lockdown, with Londoners consuming alcohol an average of 2.54 days per week.

However, there is a trend appearing for more conscious drinking, with almost half of Londoners (45%)claiming they drink less alcohol than their parent’s generation, and 1 in 5 Londoners thinking about alcohol intake at least once a day. London also has the highest volume of low and no-alcohol beer drinkers.

It’s not all bad news though, with half of Brits (50%) feeling there is less pressure to drink alcohol these days and two fifths of Gen Z and Millenials agree that they drink less alcohol than their parents did at their age.

2 in 5 Brits, and half of Londoners (48%), drink no or low alcohol beer, also.

The negative perception that still follows ‘non-drinkers’ today is the reason founders Charlie Crawley, Eddy Falls and Felix von Hurter decided to set-up Freestar when out in a London pub in 2017.

Charlie Crawley, Co-Founder of Freestar says: “When we set out to create Freestar our aim was to make people feel confident and proud to choose an alcohol-free option, whether an alcohol drinker or not.

Our research shows that following COVID-19 more people are re-thinking the amount of alcohol they consume weekly, and are wanting to balance this out with non-alcoholic options that still feel right for social situations or moments to celebrate.”

Freestar is available to purchase nationwide on the Freestar website and through Ocado, Farmdrop and Amazon.

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