OpenTable are launching a cafe to pay homage to rationing in the UK

This month, OpenTable and Jim’s Café in Hackney will pay homage to the 80th anniversary of the start of rationing in the UK.

Opening the Home Front Café on Monday 3rd February, the one-night event will feature a menu designed by ‘One Pound Meals’ chef Miguel Barclay and brought to life for diners by the team at Jim’s Cafe.

Wartime rationing started in January 1940, with cooking staples such as sugar, eggs, butter, milk and meat in limited supply, meaning Brits had to improvise with whatever was available.

The ‘Dig For Victory’ campaign had men and women across the UK growing their own vegetables to produce their own source of food. To develop this ‘back to basics’ menu, OpenTable and Jim’s Cafe challenged inventive chef Miguel Barclay to design a ‘rationed’ menu for the 21st century.

Best known for his £1 meals using minimal ingredients, from meat-free to quick and easy recipes, Miguel has designed the dishes from simple rationed ingredients based on the weekly allowances Britons would receive.

Guests attending will get the chance to tuck into a classic bubble and squeak with hollandaise sauce to start, followed by a hearty leek and bacon quiche, with a juicy poached pear to finish. Vegan and gluten free options will also be available.

In the 80 years since rationing began, the UK’s culinary scene has developed in leaps and bounds, with food trends and dining habits changing from generation to generation. However, today’s modern trends from sugar and dairy free diets to organic produce, and vegetarian to plant-based alternatives were the norm in the 1940s as Brits became creative trailblazers in the kitchen due to shortages.

The retro three-course meal will be free for guests to book and enjoy via OpenTable, with customers having the opportunity to donate to The Royal British Legion on the night.

To book your space at the Home Front Café on Monday 3rd February, or for more information, visit here.

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