Seven Dials Market are launching fruity cocktails for London Cocktail Week plus non-alcoholic specials!

Seven Dials Market is celebrating a week of the city’s best cocktails, with a fruity twist.

As the capital’s mixology masters host a week of debauchery for booze-loving Londoners, Seven Dials Market is offering an oasis of calm with Square Root Soda’s Temperance Bar.

Looking to sip on something punchy and delicious, but without it being followed by The Fear? The Temperance Bar is an alcohol-free zone, stirring up powerful mocktails and sodas made with fresh juices such as the ‘Peach Kombucha Bellini’ or the ‘Strawberry Balsamic Shrub’.

For the month of Sober October, Square Root is launching their brand new ‘Negroni Spritz’ made with their home-brewed non-alcoholic gin created from steam distilled botanicals including junipers, coriander, liquorice and Persian-dried limes.

The ‘sober-curious’ take on this much-loved Italian apéritif is blended with Square Root’s natural House Tonic Water and topped with orange and grapefruit. Those looking for a bit of respite during the week of endless cocktails can be one of the first to quaff this before it officially launches in November.

But if you are looking to amp up the tempo and go all in on the hard stuff, East London Liquor Company is also in the building.

Their spirits are at the helm of Seven Dials Market’s cult house special, the ‘Banana Warehouse’, as well as working magic across the whole London Market-themed cocktail list.

Don’t miss the cocktail samplings from the East London Liquor bottle shop on Cucumber Alley from Friday 4th – Sunday 13th October, and secure your place on a series of free tastings and cocktail demos.

And because we’re into the number seven (KERB is turning seven years old this year), the ‘Banana Warehouse’ cocktail will be just £7 with a sample and ‘magic’ badge from the bottle shop. Come back throughout the week with your badge and sip your way straight through to banana heaven.

Visit Seven Dials Market 35 Earlham St, London WC2H 9LD

You bring the rum, I'll bring the raspberries. Perfect daiquiris all round.