Tiny Leaf is turning unwanted left overs into dinners and cocktails in Borough

Ever thought about how much food you waste every year? How much we throw away without even a second though of whether it could be useful?

Well now a Notting Hill restaurant is taking on the challenge of making yummy dinners out of what we don’t use.

According to Too Good To Waste, 1.6 million tonnes of food is wasted by restaurants every year in the UK. Alice Gilsenan and Justin Horne, take unsellable fruit and vegetables and turn them into delicious restaurant dishes.

The Notting Hill spot

The Notting Hill spot

The pair previously opened shop in Notting Hill, but now they’re pushing a new spot in Borough – where you can try some of their places in a organic setting.

The space, at Mercato Metropolitano in Borough, is already become a popular hotspot with the menu offering courgetti with nut pesto or bread and butter pudding to name just two.


“We want a vertical growing wall for herbs and vegetables,” said chef Horne.

Gilsenan added to the Evening Standard: “There’s a space out the back for a garden to have zero waste cocktails for when the sun shines.”

Each week about 350 people try Tiny Leaf’s organic vegetarian dishes.


Horne previously worked at The Ivy and Heston Blumenthal’s Dinner at the Mandarin Oriental and approached marketing expert Gilsenan last November with a idea — a zero waste restaurant where every scrap of food is used.

Horne said: “The idea came to me about two years ago when I was working as a chef and saw how much food was wasted in restaurants, hotels, catering — across the board.”


Every day Planet Organic, the upmarket health food store, delivered surplus stock for free.

Horne and his team worked around a “spine menu” where dinner consisted of a salad starter for £7, a market plate or “dish of the day” main for £13 and a £5 crumble or cake dessert, all of which could be changed fairly easily depending on what foods were delivered.

It’s a totally different experience – and it proves just how valuable the food we throw away really is…

You can find out more, and book your spot by visiting their website over on

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