You can now try a £30-a-cup espresso made from rare bird droppings

Why not sip a £30-a-cup espresso produced from rare Brazilian bird-droppings?

Um well… it’s become one of the most expensive cups of coffee served in the country, and its yours to try from today!

Jacu coffee is a “super-premium” brew made from beans collected by hand from the excrement of an endangered South American bird of the same name, which has evolved to pick out the ripest, best-looking coffee cherries in the forest.

Their digestive system breaks down the cherries’ outer layer to reveal the bean inside, creating what enthusiasts describe as a unique “soft” flavour.

Jacu is the first UK coffee shop to serve the coffee directly, but the beans are already available to buy at Harrods, where the beans are sold at £1,400 per kilo.

It’s on sale at Westminster’s Jacu restaurant and coffee shop. Jacu is not your ordinary coffee shop with peckish visitors able to enjoy their premium coffee alongside the luxe likes of Wagyu beef burgers, fillet steaks and homemade pizzas with lavish toppings.

Visit Jacu, 75 Page St, Westminster, London SW1P 4LT

Alfie Green
Alfie Green

You bring the rum, I'll bring the raspberries. Perfect daiquiris all round.

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