Need gift inspiration? We’ve got 5 of the best Valentine’s Day presents from Firebox

Buying for that special someone in your life can be tough.

Will they like it, will they hate it? Plus, that awkward unwrapping moment when they’ve totally forgot to get you a present at all.

Here at Urban Intention we like to think we can help you out, and have created a number of Valentines Day posts around things to do, eat, see and buy.

Online store Firebox, is a pretty safe bet too with something for everyone, from face pillows, bacon flavoured soap to unicorn tear gin. Take a look at our top 5 picks you should consider.

Sparkling Rosé Gummies 🍭

Firebox’s Sparkling Rosé Gummies are flavoured with real Rosé and generously sprinkled with sugar crystals to recreate that tongue-tingling effervescence.

Sugary booze is a real growing trend, and whilst these sophisticated sweets are heavily booze-infused, they’re totally free of alcohol – so they’re perfect for a morning kick!

£7.99 – Comes in a 210g jar, order here

Desktop Cinema Light Box 🔦

The Desktop Cinema Light Box is a chance to express yourself in a vintage way. Just like the old styled cinema signs you can present quotes, loving messages or rude hate filled bitch fits on this light up box.

The retro billboard comes with 69 interchangeable acetate letters, symbols and numbers so you can show off your distinguished movie tastes or put a motivational quote up in lights. With three rows of letters there’s ample room to play with too. Plus it comes with emojis!

£14.99 – Requires 6x AA batteries, order here

Edible Anus 🍑

Now here’s a yummy treat anyone would love to receive. The unassuming black display box contains three gourmet chocolate sphincters, each one carefully cast from the immaculate anus of a kind, female stranger.

How charming. Who wouldn’t want to divulge into some anal feasting?

£6.99 – Box includes three edible anuses – Dark, Milk and Bleached, order here

Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur 💦

This gin liqueur is made from real Unicorn tears… apparently. To give Unicorn tears their unique taste, Firebox humanely force-feed the  beasts entire wheelbarrows of citrus fruit, oranges, juniper berries, bunches of coriander, and sticks of liquorice.

The bottle has a cool smokey thickness to it, which has shimmering glitter in it. And… in case you’re worried unicorn tears are so magical they’re actually slightly sweet NOT SALTY like normal tears.

£39.99 – Alc. 40%, order here

I F*cking Love You Mug ☕️

Just cut to the chase. Give someone this mug and be done with it.

Every time your lover takes a sip from this mug they’ll be reminded of you and how much you fucking love them. Don’t keep your feelings bottled up for a moment longer, liberate them with this brutally honest crockery.

£7.99 – Holds approximately 300ml, order here

You bring the rum, I'll bring the raspberries. Perfect daiquiris all round.