Bar Bingo is coming to London with the chance to create your own and sample exclusive cocktails

Forget Dry January, it’s time for Bar Bingo and Londoners are getting first dibs!

Londonders will get the chance to visit three cocktail bars in just one night with Bar Bingo!

Create your own cocktail in a Breaking Bad themed cocktail RV van, enjoy a tipple in London’s weirdest museum and finish with a drink in a secret bar, hidden inside a mac repair shop.

Initially launching for one night on Wednesday 24th Jan 2017, the aim of Bar Bingo is to visit all three of the bars featured on your ‘Bar Bingo card’, ticking them off as you go.

At each of the three bars, the Bar Bingo customer will receive a special cocktail, which will only be available exclusively to them on that night.

Each off-menu cocktail will be named after a bingo number – maybe it’ll be a Dirty Gertie (30), a Was She Worth It? (56) or perhaps a Two Fat Ladies (88).

Launching in Bethnal Green, Bar Bingo will be a chance for cocktail lovers to explore some of the area’s best cocktail bars and unique hidden drinking dens – without having to worry about booking a table, or stressing about ringing up a huge bar tab (always handy for that awks first date).

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You bring the rum, I'll bring the raspberries. Perfect daiquiris all round.