BHS in Oxford Street is becoming a street food, cocktails and crazy golf spot courtesy of Swingers

Well, it’s better than an empty shop…

Swingers are opening their second ever pop up after the success of Swingers in the City which brought ‘20s British golf club vibes to Bury Street with great success.

But this time, they’re opening in the abandoned BHS on Oxford Street, with street food, cocktails and crazy golf all popping up.

The theme for the West End edition is a seaside holiday. You’ll enter via a hidden entrance in a seaside souvenir shop on John Prince’s street and then get to explore inside.

Once inside, there’s themed stalls, from the Grand Hotel Bar, the Bandstand and the Promenade, which will be decked out with street food vendors and restaurants.

And the food is sounding pretty tasty too with Bubbledogs, LeBab, Pizza Pilgrims and Patty & Bun all getting involved.

Oh, and they’ve also teased a “tastebud and Instagram-friendly dessert vendor.” Yum.

Visit Swingers, once opened, at 15 John Prince’s Street, London W1G 0AB

You bring the rum, I'll bring the raspberries. Perfect daiquiris all round.