Discover Columbia Road flower market in East London

In the sunshine Columbia Road Flower Market is a great Sunday stroll with a huge selection of plants and flowers on offer.

Be warned, this tourist favourite gets busy fast, and with limited room it can feel like you’re back in the heyday of the famous London market.

You’ll hear stallholders shouting out “get your Jasmine” or, “come on, two for the price of three” adding to authentic vibe of the market – which has stayed unchanged for so many years.

The flowers are jawdropping

The flowers are jawdropping

It’s best to get there early, with most stalls setting up by 8am, and closing around 3pm. However if you do go later in the day the florists are more eager to sell off their goods so they slash prices and you can walk out with an armful of flowers for a few pounds.

There’s also some hidden gems such as a bagel bar and home-made jellied eels… If you’re into that kind of thing!

They also have lots of office, and indoor home plants

They also have lots of office, and indoor home plants

If flower aren’t your thing… because you’re allergic, or just hate the idea of having pretty colours in your house, then there’s also some great shops along the parade, hidden behind the stools.

There’s a fantastic art gallery called Nelly Duff, which stocks exclusive and one off pieces – it’s definitely worth a visit.

Don't miss Nelly Duff, either

Don’t miss Nelly Duff, either

It’s a two floor shop, with art on all walls, plus fantastic East London themed art and Columbia Road original drawings of the market.

From old-fashioned antiques, to bespoke jewellery – there’s something for everyone along the strip. Plus, some great thrift-style fashion stalls.

Take a visit to Columbia Road during the street market, Sundays from 8am – 3pm, or daily for usual service from the shops.

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