Don’t miss Fiz, a sparkling wine residency at Lights of Soho

If you light bright lights, fizzing drinks and a good time… This is for you!

Don’t miss Fiz, a bar specialising in sparkling wine, that is open for a ten-week residency at Lights of Soho in London.

The idea behind Fiz is to make sparkling wine more accessible, without making it all too fancy to enjoy.

It’s inspired by the vibrant and sociable food and drink scene found in the backstreet cava bars of Barcelona.

Fiz is focused on fun and inclusivity, and over the course of the pop-up is promoting affordable, quality wines.

Working in collaboration with wine merchant The Knotted Vine, the team have shortlisted a no-fuss menu of 8-10 bottles.

In addition to familiar Spanish cavas and Italian proseccos, Fiz will also showcase award-winning English sparklings, up-and-coming Austrian Sekts, Portuguese semi-sparkling vinho verde, and sparkling reds too.

It’s not just about the drinks though… with some pretty tasty food on the menu.

The food is all about a dining experience on your terms, drawing on the best British ingredients including cheeses from Cheeses of Muswell Hill, meat and charcuterie from Peckham-based Butcher’s Block adhering to Fiz’s no-waste ethos and commitment to local, seasonal ingredients.

Oh, and in keeping with Fiz’s informal eating and drinking philosophy, both food and drink will be served over the bar.

There’s also a selection of sharing plates including smoked trout with pickles and sourdough and a choice of mini brioche buns filled with pork belly, duck or pastrami. Yum.

Former environmental and supply chain consultant Jordan Nadian for the pop up brings a passion for sustainability that is instilled in Fiz with a no-waste ethos and commitment to local, seasonal ingredients.

You can visit Fiz at 25 Brewer Street, W1F 0RX, with opening times: Monday 6pm-11.30pm; Tuesday-Thursday 10am-11.30pm; Friday-Saturday 10am-12am; Sunday 12pm-4pm.

You bring the rum, I'll bring the raspberries. Perfect daiquiris all round.