IKEA Is throwing a party in Soho to celebrate it’s 30th anniversary in London

Can you believe IKEA has now been in London for 30 years?!

Where would we be without flat pack furniture? Well, the huge Swedish company are celebrating 30 years in London, by taking over an entire house of their own for four days and four nights of good times.

On arrival, guests are invited to step into a series of living-rooms based on IKEA’s unique insight on life at home in the UK through the ages.

Each floor will be furnished in a decade’s particular style, with accoutrements to match.  In the 80s experience, nibble on a prawn cocktail and feast your eyes on bright floral patterns, while on the 90s floor indulge in House music, Brit-pop and minimalist design.

A quick hop through the noughties and up to the top floor, revellers will get the opportunity to gaze into life at home in the future.

Throughout the quirky venue they’ll be cocktails and canapés to keep you partying! The house will be open throughout the day, by by night, you’ll need a ticket and they’ve already sold out.

So your best bet is to visit by day and get geeky about the history of IKEA!

The IKEA house party will take place October 18 – 21, on 19 Greek Street, London W1D 4DT.

You bring the rum, I'll bring the raspberries. Perfect daiquiris all round.