Loads of blocks of polar ice are going to be displayed in London to highlight global warming

Artist Olafur Eliasson’s latest project will bring ice to London!

Titled Ice Watch it forces us to think about the changes we’re making to the global temperature of the planet.

Launching on Tuesday December 11th, 24 blocks of polar ice will be displayed outside Tate Modern and gradually melt away – just as the polar ice caps they came from are melting.

But, this hasn’t been pulled from actual polar caps – this ice had already sheared off into the Nuup Kangerlua fjord when they were harvested. The artist, in collaboration with geologist Minik Rosing, has brought them across to make a big point.

Ice Watch launches on the same day that world leaders will meet in Poland for an important climate change summit.

Members of the public will be able to touch the ice, and see their impact melt it even further. Of Ice Watch, Eliasson says “I hope we will connect people to their surroundings in a deeper way and inspire radical change.”

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