London is getting a network of new drinking fountains in bid to tackle plastic waste

Drink up, and up and up as a new network of water is coming to London…

A planned new network of drinking fountains is set to be install all across London to try to help reduce plastic use.

Lets be honest, the amount of water bottles being brought and then throw away is ridiculous. There’s no need for it. Go buy yourself one of those fancy rose gold reusable bottles… You’ve got no excuse.

Anyway, back to the scheme… First they’ll be a pilot which will see 20 new fountains installed in busy commuter and shopping areas.

Oxford Street is set to be one of the first as part of the £750,000 programme to cut plastic waste.

It all comes after London mayor Sadiq Khan highlighted the ideas as part of his draft environment strategy last year. He also launched a bid to encourage businesses to make their tap water publicly available.

You bring the rum, I'll bring the raspberries. Perfect daiquiris all round.