An old petrol station has been given a TV Centre-inspired makeover

Imagine if all petrol pumps looked this good…

Petrol stations are not really items of beauty here in the capital. With only a handful about, and most now closed down, they’re hard to spot, unless still boarded up and not already transformed into flats.

Well, all but one…

Design pals Craig and Karl spotted a disused petrol station in White City and thought it could be something pretty cool, and went about transforming the eyesore into a total beauty spot.

They have totally transformed the petrol pumps into an Instagrammers dream, with multicoloured paint, and test-card like graphics, all in a nod to BBC Television Centre,  which is just around the corner.

“It’s the second coming of a derelict petrol station and references the colours of television test screens as a nod to the adjacent Television Centre, former home of the BBC”  the boys said on Instagram.

It’s part of the £8 billion regeneration of White City which will see new shops, restaurants, office space and 4,000 homes in the newly developed area.The new spot will host pop ups over the summer with more details coming soon.

You can go grab a snap of the pumps at Wood Lane in White City.

You bring the rum, I'll bring the raspberries. Perfect daiquiris all round.