Pugs and Pals brings cocktails and pugs together for what sounds like the best night of your life

Another pug cafe pop up is coming to London… but this time with a twist!

Yes, fear not if you missed the recent Shoreditch pop up, as Pugs and Pals are bringing cocktails and pugs together in Brick Lane.

It’s launching as a trial between 26 October and 29 October, and if a success will open permanently.

But, there’ some strict rules pug lovers. The cafe will only allows pugs and pug crosses through the door… and humans, of course.

The cafe itself will host high tea and cocktails, as well as a pug fashion show, and a pug and French Bulldog meetup during the trial week.

Food wise, they’ll be puggilicious cupcakes, piping hot pugguccinos, and boozy pugtails.

And it’s really been thought through, with the venue is airy and spacious, with appropriate cooling control, as pugs can easily overheat. Plus fresh water will be provided for the pugs throughout.

Time slots for the café over the weekend are from 11am through to 5pm, with pug high tea happening at 3pm each day.

The special pug cocktail sessions start at 7pm and 8pm with dog-themed cocktails and mocktails.

The café also promises to donate a considerable amount of the funds to dog shelters across London, so you’re doing some good too.

Book your tickets on their website here and get petting pugs!

You bring the rum, I'll bring the raspberries. Perfect daiquiris all round.