Rubbish found in the River Thames has been turned into art!

Ever wondered what happens to all the crap that falls into the Thames?

Well, now it’s been converted into something much better that the horrible gloop it makes in the river.

As part of Totally Thames, a month long celebration of the River Thames, the pop up art installation hopes to get us Londonders thinking about the way we throw away our plastic.

Designed by artist Maria Arceo, the pop up will tour riverside locations across London to show really how much plastic is just chucked into our water.

Whilst it’ll be great to visit in the day, once the sun goes down the piece will be illuminated by interactive light artist Tim Scheffer.

The litter was collected by the artist over the course of a year from over 40 beaches along the Thames.

Future Dust is free to visit and will be at St Katharine Docks between 8-13th September, Watermans Art Centre between 15-20th September and Canary Wharf between 22-30th September. 

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