TfL is rolling out the ‘please offer me a seat’ badges after successful trial

After a successful trial launch, TfL are rolling out their ‘please offer me a seat’ badges!

Following a six-week trial, in which 98% of the 1,200 trying out the badge said they’d recommend it, ‘Please Offer Me a Seat’ will now become an Underground staple!

If you’ve got a condition or illness that’s helped by sitting down, you can now apply for a badge for free.

Val Shawcross, Deputy Mayor for Transport, says: “Many people living with an illness or condition, long or short-term, struggle to stand while using public transport and require a seat. These badges will help them, and I hope that they soon become as iconic as the Baby on Board badges that are widely recognised by Londoners and have been helping pregnant women get a seat for over a decade.”

Transport for London are hoping it will help those who have a condition or illness that’s not immediately visible to others, unlike the ‘Baby on Board’ badges which help to hope pregnant women.

The badge will come with a card, which can also help with getting a seat, with  72 percent of badge-testers saying their journeys were easier during the 2016 trial.

You can now apply for one through the TfL website at

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