A night bus with nap pods, headphones and scent infusions is coming to London!

This could change what every Londoner thinks of the Night Bus!

Mattress company Simba is designing the Snoozeliner!

It’s a luxury bus with 14 nap pods complete with storage, eye masks, headphones, water and scent infusions. They also have plans to add chargers and WiFi to the bus and even enable food delivery tracking so you can have your takeaway arrive home when you do.

Yes, it all sounds pretty amazing – and far more luxurious than the bumpy Night Bus we’re use to!

However, before you sort that night out, it may be a little bit longer before you can experience the Snoozeliner as Simba still has to sort this all out with the local authorities!

Find out more about Simba’s mattresses on their website here.

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