London City Airport is getting a brand new terminal!

London City Airport is now over 30 year old, and is swelling at a rapid pace so it’s due a refresh!

With five million people expected to fly from the Docklands terminal in 2019 it needs a little more room to get us all to and from those luxurious destinations.

Over the new three years there’s going to be a £500 million redesign and rebuild with a brand new terminal four times the size of the current one.

The current building will also get a upgrade with an extra 30,000 flights using the airport.

The new design will include ‘light features, art installations, graphic wall panels and large format digital screens’ with touches of iconic London landmarks and themes linked to each gate.

There’ll be twice as many shops and restaurants and 75% more places to sit while waiting for the delayed flight.

If that wasn’t enough, they’ll also add eight extra spots for planes to board passengers from with more departure spots being added.

Outside the airport, a new taxiway and digital control tower will handle the increase in flight traffic.

The redevelopment project is planned for completion in 2022.

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