London is about to get its own emoji… and you can help pick it!

Emojis are everywhere! There’s even a middle finger one and it looks like London could be the latest spot to be cartoonis-ed.

A new app, coming soon from Fanmoji, will include over 100 emojis designed by illustrator Ray Smith all focused around London.

Londonmojis will include such icons as the New Routemaster bus, a Mind the Gap sign and an ‘I heart LDN’ badge.

The app, will act as an add-on keyboard for your Android or iPhone and allow you to share London based emojis with friends and family. Add an ’10 Downing Street’ emoji into a chat, or drop a Black Cab to spite Uber down!

brickc lane

You can get involved in the creation too, with Fanmoji asking for users to vote for their favourite option in the following four categories, with the winner making it into the first release.

Landmarks and places: Canary Wharf, Greenwich, The Globe Theatre
People: angry commuter, befuddled tourist, pesky mouse
Food & drink: smoothie/juice bar, jellied eels, pop-up restaurant
Phrases: lunch, bruv, quick drink, safe, fam, you mug, innit, Rosie Lee

Vote now, by voting on the Fanmoji website. The poll will be open until 13 July, and the app will be released two weeks after that.

You bring the rum, I'll bring the raspberries. Perfect daiquiris all round.