Review: Patty and Bun on Old Compton Street offer fast burgers in a great atmosphere

There’s a multitude of burger joints in London’s snazzy Soho.

From GBK, Honest Burger to Byron, Dirty Burger and MeatLiquor, there’s a spot for every type of burger lover.

Patty and Bun opened up shop in Soho in 2016, with a tucked away venue… easily recognisable by their big red neon sign, and wood façade.

There’s often a queue snaking around the corner of Old Compton Street with hungry burger fans waiting to get their fix, and it’s easy to see why.

The venue has a real intimate feel, with limited tables and chairs, but enough room for a party of 6 or more at their larger spots. Dimly lit during the evenings the focus is clearly on the food… and you can smell the sweet meat cooking as you step foot inside.

Offers are aplenty too, with two cocktails for £10, 5pm ’till 7pm every day, and 20% off your order if you have a Student Beans card.

We started off with the Pink Mojito, dark rum, a dash of fresh mint, a squeeze of lime, sugar and topped with cranberry juice for £8.50. The drink is a perfect refresher for the summer days, with a sweet cranberry hit.

Onto the food, the burger menu in the Soho joint is made up of six options all ranging from £8.00 – £9.50, with the Smokey Robinson burger making the list this time.

A beef patty, with cheese, tomato, lettuce, mounds of caramelised onions, bacon, ketchup, smokey P&B mayo in a brioche bun. It’s a juicy, two handed burger, filled with all the good stuff.

Other options include their marinated buttermilk fried chicken, a burger with braised field mushroom fritter and the Lamb Redemption with a lamb patty with coriander & chilli, and are seasonal and different to each Patty and Bun – so it’s worth visiting all of them!

You can’t miss the sides either. The brisket nuggets with kimchi mayo are as mouth watering as they sound. Crispy nuggets with a soft brisket filling and for £5.7, you can’t go wrong…

Their hand cut chips with salt and vinegar aioli are another must. The dip is literally like stepping back into an old style fish and chip shop, with a real vinegar shot.

Oh, and did we mention burgers all come wrapped up. So, if you fancy taking it away – it’s a lunchtime treat, plus Plates take a form of a brown paper sheet so there’s no washing up to be done!

Service is spot on as well, with the team on hand at all times checking you’ve got a full glass, sauces or napkins… which honestly, you’re going to need! Plus, the staff seem to retain a lovely sense of personality chatting through the menu and offering their favourite picks.

With the burger spot sought after, it’s obvious a speedier turnaround is expected, with diners served their food in a blink of the eye and then out the door for another couple to enter.

If you’re a regular to Patty & Bun you should make sure you’re signed up for their free loyalty scheme, Patty’s Pals, too. When we used it in Soho we gained 25% off the whole bill… Just for showing the card. Not bad at all!

Visit Patty & Bun, 18 Old Compton Street, W1 or book via 020 7287 1818;

You bring the rum, I'll bring the raspberries. Perfect daiquiris all round.