Squeaky clean! Try an eco-toothbrush made from pig hair

Do you ever wake up and think, my toothbrush just isn’t weird enough.

Well, for all you out there… We’ve got something right up your street!

Germany-based company Life without Plastic has launched a product which will definitely give you the toothbrush envy you desire.

The product is completely plastic free with its handle made from sustainably-harvested beech wood, and preserved with linseed oil. The toothbrush itself is totally biodegradable and you could just toss it in your compost or throw in a campfire once it has served its purpose.

Now for the exciting bit. The bristles. They are made of pig hair… According to their website, they soften quickly when moistened and can seem quite tough when you first use.


And, don’t worry the pig hair is completely cleaned before being used to make the brushes. And it is sustainably sourced…

The German manufacturer obtains the pig hair from China, which is currently the only place in the world from where these long-haired pig bristles can be sourced.

The bristles come from a domesticated race of long-haired pig that is bred and raised for meat. When the animals are harvested for the meat, the skin and bristles are normally discarded because the meat industry has no use for them. Here the bristles are being used for a positive purpose, rather than simply being thrown out as waste.

If you fancy giving them a go, or know someone who might this interesting product… Check out their website here.

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