5 things to do with your empty Absolut Vodka bottles

Christmas is near, and the time to be merry is on the up!

And it got us thinking about what to do with all those empty bottles once the festivities are over.

Our friends at Absolut Vodka recently sent us a bottle of their Limited Edition bottle design, and of course we made some great Daiquiri’s and Long Island’s with it.

But, we started to think about the what we could do to upcycle or use the bottles again. In true Blue Peter style… Here’s the top 5 things you could do with your empty Absolut bottles.


1. Candle holder

A really sweet way to show off the beautiful design of many of the bottles is to add candles and tea lights to the glass bottles. You can either drop the candles into the neck of the bottle, or add small tea-lights which will shine through. With some of the limited edition rainbow colours it will really let the colours shine through the glass.

Just make sure that the candles don’t get too hot, and shatter the glass!


2. Storage

You can use the small bottles to store other items in your kitchen, such a salt and pepper. Neat eh? You could also use the larger jars for cereal, nuts or grains.

It’s a cheap alternative to buying kitchen jars.


3. Make a fish tank

How about this for a treat. Some Etsy sellers are now upcycling Absolut Vodka bottles with small fish tank pebbles and fish tank care kit, making the water more breathable for little orange friends.

Just make sure you let all the alcohol out first (as if that would be a problem) as you don’t want your fish swimming sideways.


4. Use as a soap dispenser

Bring the party into the bathroom with an Absolut soap dispenser. You could either add a cocktail pouring head, or a usual pump to make use of the bottle.

With a range of designs, you could even try making your own soap and dropping into the glass.


5. Make a piece of art out of it

Whether with string lights, diamante stickers, (yes, we’ve seen it done) ribbon or paper, you can find a number of ways to art up your bottle, and make a new focal point for your room.

Have you come up with any other ways to use your old Absolut bottles? Let us know in the comments below…

You bring the rum, I'll bring the raspberries. Perfect daiquiris all round.