BrewDog are giving away one million pints of free beer

There’s nothing better than a free beer, right?

BrewDog is bringing free happiness to Londoners for the next four weeks offering 1,000,000 pints of the stuff!

The chain is going to give away a million pints of their Punk IPA in the biggest beer sampling campaign ‘the world has ever seen’.

To get in on the freebie, all you have to do is head to and enter your details. They will then email you a voucher that you can redeem at any of their 50 UK BrewDog bars.

“We’re in the midst of what will be a seismic change in beer drinking habits in the UK,” BrewDog co-founder James Watt said.

“The rise of IPA shows no signs of slowing down. This is a welcome sign that more people are open to beer that is full of flavour and character, and not just insipid, artificially flavoured offerings or faux-craft fraudsters.”

He added: “The millions of people around the UK who call Punk IPA their favourite beer cannot be wrong, that’s why we’re certain a million more will join them after experiencing their first pint of Punk.”

Find your local Brewdog and grab a free pint on their website here.

You bring the rum, I'll bring the raspberries. Perfect daiquiris all round.