BULLDOG Gin are celebrating the final Bank Holiday of summer with The Gun in Spitalfields

Don’t let the sun… go down on our drinking!

As the final Bank Holiday Monday of the year marks another successful summer, BULLDOG Gin have partnered with The Gun in Spitalfields, to create the ultimate summer cocktail: The Strawberry Ace.

It’s a mix of BULLDOG Gin, Tequila Rose, Crème de Cacau and double cream which makes for the perfect tipple to toast to British Bank Holidays – by day or by night.

The Gun, an East London staple since the 17th Century has been reimagined as a stunning new bar for the modern drinker.

With a new slick and polished style and a great outdoor area where guests can enjoy cocktail and DJ mixes alike, The Gun is the perfect place to enjoy the gin of the music world in their delicious BULLDOG Gin Strawberry Ace cocktail.

Bordering the Square Mile with a view to the iconic Spitalfields Market this is where you want to be on over the long weekend.

12 carefully selected botanicals are added to BULLDOG including white poppy, dragon eye, lotus leaf and warming liquorice; adding a layer of distinction to its refreshingly crisp citrus base.

The Strawberry Ace is available at The Gun, Spitalfields for £12.

You bring the rum, I'll bring the raspberries. Perfect daiquiris all round.