Deliveroo wants to make it’s own food and replace chefs and riders with robots

Deliveroo has revealed plans to change it’s business model to include creating its own food offerings!

The delivery giant has told it’s investors it’s looking into halving the cost of food, automated delivery and wants to double its profit margins.

In a huge presentation it has stated it has goals to create personalised meals for each customer using artificial intelligence as well as replacing those riders with robots!

Investors have for some time been asking how the business gets significantly bigger volumes, and more crucially, becomes profitable. Deliveroo has made significant strides since it first started supplying residents around Chelsea with a few restaurant options in 2012.

They launched Deliveroo Editions, custom built kitchens which meant orders were being made exclusives for Deliveroo.

Although just trading for six years, it claims to now serve over five million people in 12 countries. Orders jumped by 18 times last year to the volume in 2015, according to the company’s investor pitch.

The company also talks about the efficiency of its ‘expansion playbook’: while it took 96 weeks to get to 10,000 weekly orders in London from when it launched, it took just 33 weeks to hit that milestone in Paris and 18 weeks in Singapore.

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