Gourmet Burger Kitchen launch limited edition ‘Vote Rump’ burger

With the US Presidential Election looming, brands are gearing up for a busy couple of months – and the chance to create some limited edition products and food.

The latest to grab our attention is Gourmet Burger Kitchen. The nationwide chain has launched the Vote Rump burger, and yes… it’s their thickest burger ever. Get it…

Known for their tasty bites, and selection of filling flavoured shakes, always the Oreo… by the way, Gourmet Burger Kitchen often create limited edition burgers to celebration national or international events.


One of their recent summer favourites was The Stack, made up of grilled chorizo, Red Leicester cheese, house onion ring, smoked chilli mayo, rocket, pickled onions and house relish. Yum.

But back to today’s news. It’s all about Trump. We mean, Rump.

With a 7oz Rump patty, burger sauce, American cheese and Red Leicester cheese, beef ketchup, crispy onions, salad & pickled onions, this burger is rich.

It’s full of cheese, and GBK have paired it with the Rump Bundle made up of an Onion Ring Tower and BrewDog Elvis Juice.We can’t say no to a good burger…


You bring the rum, I'll bring the raspberries. Perfect daiquiris all round.