London butcher becomes first in the UK to go meat-free!

Meat will be replaced by plant-based ‘meat’ products from The Vegetarian Butcher.

One of London’s best-known butcher shops will become the first in the UK to go completely meat-free thanks to a #MeatlessMonday takeover from The Vegetarian Butcher – the first stage of a meat-free makeover sweeping the nation.

The takeover will see butcher-cum-restaurant Hill & Szrok, located in East London, open its doors on a Monday for the first time ever.

The store will offer customers a range of delicious plant-based ‘meat’ products from The Vegetarian Butcher – the latest meat alternative to take the UK by storm – including Big Bangers (Cumberland-style sausages), What the Cluck (chicken-style chunks), Magic Mince (beef-style mince) and many more.

In place of the usual cuts, strings of vegetarian sausages will be hanging from the meat hooks and plant-based mince will flow from meat grinders, giving members of the public a glimpse of what all butchers in the UK could look like in the future – with experts now predicting that by 2040 most meat won’t come from animals.

The meat merchant is the starting location for a nationwide tour which will see The Vegetarian Butcher van take to the streets of Britain, convincing meat lovers to embrace flexitarianism by enjoying meat without the animal.

Ahead of World Vegetarian Day on 1st October, the public will be able to purchase their favourite ‘cuts’ at the shop for just £1 – a 70 per cent discount off the usual price as The Vegetarian Butcher range lands in Tesco, Waitrose and Ocado this week. Customers can also ‘try before they buy’, with complimentary hot samples of all products available to taste throughout the day.

With a third of Brits reducing their meat intake, the takeover is geared towards setting customers up for ‘Meatless Monday’ – a trend which has seen 700,000 posts on Instagram to date.

The Vegetarian Butcher’s products have been created by meat lovers for meat lovers, promising the same delicious taste and texture without the need to consume meat from animals.

The Vegetarian Butcher will be taking over Hill & Szrok at 60 Broadway Market (London E8 4QJ) by London Fields from 9am-6pm on Monday 30th September.

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