Reduce waste in London with ‘The People’s Fridge’ in Brixton

Imagine if there was a way to reduce food waste, across London.

£17 billion worth of food each year gets thrown away in the UK, whilst we have a rising poverty and homelessness problem.

It’s been calculated that UK households throw away the equivalent of 24 edible meals a month – this works out at Lambeth households throwing away nearly 40 million meals every 12 months – and this is happening while 8.4 million people in the UK live in food insecurity.

So here’s a bright idea by Pop Brixton. With local volunteers they have decided to do something about it by creating the city’s first community fridge.

Starting as a crowdfunding campaign, the fridge is maintained and kept clean by the Pop Brixton team, with anyone allowed to access it and donate to eat for a lot cheaper!

It’s a great way to give something to those less fortunate, and make the most of items you’d usually throw out.

However, the venue itself needs to rethink who it’s hoping to pull in.

Billed as a ’21st Century Business Park’ and hosting street food stalls, design studios, DJ nights, a wine cellar and craft bars, Pop Brixton has bag-searching security guards at the entrance and is unlikely to encourage those homeless to enter.

Visit Pop Brixton, 49 Brixton Station Rd, London, SW9 8PQ and find out more on

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