Turkish breads and pastries are coming to the heart of Fitzrovia

Oklava Bakery + Wine is bringing Turkish breads and pastries to the heart of Fitzrovia.

Selin Kiazim and Laura Christie are launching Oklava Bakery + Wine, born of Selin’s passion for Turkish baking and featuring recipes passed down from her grandmother, the all-day bakery also serves a daily changing pasta.

It’ll include their much-loved Manti (Turkish pasta) such as Beef & Sour Cherry, Pide specials including the Black Sea Cheese & Butter Pide from Arcade and the new Tepsi Kebab, a beautiful plate of spiced köfte, beef fat onions, yoghurt + brown butter, served with bazlama + salad.

Oklava Bakery + Wine is open all day, serving lunch and dinner, and, for the first time, breakfast and Saturday brunch, alongside a vast array of baked goods, influenced by Selin’s Turkish heritage.

Examples include Baharat Spiced Bread, a recipe handed down from Selin’s Grandmother, Simit  –  a circular bagel shaped bread topped with sesame seeds; a changing Daily Börek – a baked filled pastry made with thin flaky dough; Poğaça  –  a brioche type bun; Tahinli  –  a thin pastry with tahini and sugar and Pilavuna  – a pastry with cheese, mint and sultanas.

As-well as an array of sweet pastries, Selin and the team bake daily Hellimli – bread similar to focaccia, Zeytinli – an olive version of the Hellimi loaf, plus a rotating menu of specials.

Oklava Bakery + Wine takes reservations for lunch and dinner, serving some exciting new dishes such as the Tepsi Kebab as well as an extensive snacks menu including Lamb Bacon Toast, Garlic, Oregano & Lemon; Kikirdakli Ekmek Lamb Crackling Bun + Garlic Butter and Mücver – Potato, Pastirma & Cheese Fritters.

The wine list by wine expert and co-owner Laura Christie showcases wines from Turkey, Armenia, Lebanon, Georgia and Greece, focusing on small, regional producers.

All wines are available by the glass and include a crisp and aromatic Arcadia Pinot Gris (Turkey), an orange wine Vita Vinea Kisi (Georgia), discovered by Christie on a visit to the Dakishvili Vineyards and a low invention Pasaeli, 6N Karasakiz Merlot (Turkey), which champions indigenous grapes and matches the profile of Selin’s cooking.

Visit Oklava Bakery + Wine, 64 Grafton Way, Fitzrovia, London, W1T 5DP

You bring the rum, I'll bring the raspberries. Perfect daiquiris all round.