A one day pop up pug cafe is coming to Shoreditch in London!

Could there be anything more exciting than a room full of pugs?

No is the answer you are looking for!

The Book Club in Shoreditch are hosting a pop up pug cafe on Saturday September 9, for one day only.

The Pop Up Pug Café has previously opened in Brighton and Guildford and now London will be hosting a grumble of pugs (that’s a group of the doggies!)

There’s going to be puggy treats, ‘puggacinos’ and doggy lounge areas, plus us humans can enjoy avocado on sourdough, grilled toasties and cheesecake.

Oh, and don’t worry if you don’t actually own a pug. Aspiring dog owners are welcome too with tickets £10 for the pugless and £5 entry for those with a pug.

It’s all helping good causes too, with some of the funds raised going to The French and Pug Dog Foundation.

You can book your tickets online from 11am on Saturday August 19.

Visit the Pug Cafe pop up at The Book Club 100-106 Leonard St, London EC2A 4RH.

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