Avoid the park with a new gym that brings the outdoors inside

Been getting into shape this January? Good on you!

But the London winter weather doesn’t make it easy. Whether you’re hoping to cycle to work, or run round the park – you’ll be greeted with rain, snow, wind… or all three!

Well, now a fitness company has come up with a gym concept that’s inspired by nature and takes place in a gallery in west London. Yes, you can be ART!

Launching today, January 9, the Biofit space has been described as the world’s first ‘biophilic indoor gym’.

The gym is at the centre of a research project looking at the impact ‘real world’ fitness and a natural environment might have on your mood, anxiety levels, attention span and mental performance.

“Our organic gym concept harnesses the proven wellbeing benefits of “Vitamin N(ature)” by bringing the outside world in to create a nourishing indoor oasis that reduces stress and boosts productivity for users while providing its owners with a unique value-add.” the company stated.

The equipment is all made out of natural materials, while the green space features aromatherapy, air purifying plants, and acoustic playlists. Lovely.

You can also sign up for group classes. Movement, Mobility, Strength, Stamina and Play & Fight Techniques… See more on their website, and sign up here.

The pop-up runs from January 9 to February 3 at Unit 1 Gallery, 1 Bard Road, W19 6TP. Trial classes start from a tenner.

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