Forget the snow with this new colourful chromotherapy art exhibition

Chromotherapy is a practice that hopes to balance your energy using colour and light.

And Greenwich’s NOW Gallery is hoping to prove it works with a new exciting and immersive chromotherapy exhibition entitled ‘Harmonics in Space’.

Running from Wednesday February 28 to April 29, the free exhibition by artist Fred Butler will feature a number of ‘healing spheres’ filled with lights.

The show includes “healing spheres” as a key feature – three-dimensional sculptures that invite you to submerge your heads inside to experience a range of colourful lights.

Apparently, the benefit of this type of light and colour therapy enables an “interplay between the conscious and unconscious levels of the psyche, stimulating the imagination and releasing creativity”.

During your visit to the gallery, you’ll also be invited to try your hand at origami too.

And, in keeping with the title and sensory theme of Harmonics in Space, sound is also principle to the exhibition. You will be able to wear your own individual Beats wireless headphones to hear unique, uplifting music as a sonic journey through the exhibition by connecting to the soundtrack.

‘Harmonics in Space’ is at Greenwich Peninsula’s NOW Gallery from Wed Feb 28 until Apr 29.

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