Here’s all you need to know about Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park…

Winter Wonderland is back, of course!

The huge festival is opening on November 17th, so get ready for ice skating, mulled wine and a whole lot of food!

This year, alongside all the standard Wonderland activities, Hyde Park is planning to replicate the fun and games of après ski with the new, cosy addition of Bar Hütte.

The hüttes will be the perfect festive destination if you’re looking for something a little extra while Winter Wonderland is in town.

The huts will be heated from above inside a mini village in the park, seating up to 10 people.

Inside there’s festive lights, rustic wooden décor and you’ll get your very own personal host to serve you hot and cold refreshments. The hüttes will also come with a karaoke machine complete with all the classics, including all the best Christmas hits.

Winter Wonderland will be filled, as always, will our favourites including the return of the UK’s largest outdoor ice rink, the Angel Christmas Market with over 150 stalls and lots of street food!

Winter Wonderland comes to Hyde Park on November 17th until 1st January 2018. Entry is free but you can buy tickets for all the extra fun here. 

You bring the rum, I'll bring the raspberries. Perfect daiquiris all round.