London is getting it’s very own NOW That’s What I Call Music club night!

Do you remember your first NOW That’s What I Call Music! album?

It’s been the definitive guide to UK pop music since it first appeared back in 1983 – and now comes the very first, 100% official NOW Club Night.

You can expect nothing but massive tunes, spanning the 80s, 90s, 00s and 10s, exclusively sourced from the 100+ compilations that have sold millions and soundtracked lives across the world.

NOW Club Nights will launch in London at legendary venue The Scala, with surprises expected!

Dave Fawbert and Brian Mahoney, co-founders of Ultimate Power, one of the UK’s most successful club nights, who are promoting the night alongside Starstruck Live, say: “NOW That’s What I Call Music is, quite simply, one of the most iconic and trusted brands in music history.

Everyone remembers their first NOW and the way that, across 40 odd tracks, it gave you the biggest bangers of the day across every genre out there; opening your horizons as you fell, uncontrollably, in love with music.

“They are a greatest hits of everyone’s greatest hits: and what could be better than a club night that celebrates these songs? We want everyone to have the same wondrous feeling when they step into a NOW Club Night as they did when they listened to their very first NOW album.”

Prepare yourself for the huge hits you all remember – and a few you’d forgotten about: everyone remembers their first NOW album – no one will forget their first NOW Club Night!

Get tickets now here:

Now That’s What I Call Music Club Nights launch 1st February 2020 at London’s Scala.

You bring the rum, I'll bring the raspberries. Perfect daiquiris all round.